Yin Yang and Unity Consciousness in Chinese Medicine – Prof. Heiner Fruehauf

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Length: 1:20 Hours


This course explores two important foundational concepts in Chinese medicine and their relationship: Shenming (Light of Spirit) and Yin-Yang.

While all diagnostic modalities of Chinese medicine aim to arrive at a form of Yin/Yang differentiation (or any of its further developed versions, such as 5-Phase diagnostics, etc), the deepest level of holistic treatment seeks to reach the undifferentiated life force that is behind all physical form. By exploring relevant passages from the Huangdi neijing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine) and other relevant pre-medical texts, this course demonstrates how behind the elaborate system of Yin-Yang categorization it is unity consciousness–paving the way to unity diagnosis and unity therapy–that comprises the philosophical, cosmological and clinical foundation of Chinese medicine. As part of the discussion, several of the archetypal organ systems of Chinese medicine will be illuminated from the perspective of their respective Yin-Yang (differentiating into the world of separateness) or centrally unifying functions.

Learning Objectives

  1. Grasp the system of Yin-Yang differentiation as a manifestation of holistic life force therapy.
  2. Understand advanced aspects of the central Chinese medicine concepts of yin-yang and shenming after learning more about their textual origins and classical terminology
  3. Gain a more complete understanding of the Chinese medicine concept of “the center”

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