Emotional Healing in the Way of Wang Fengyi – Laurie Regan

This lecture was filmed by TCM Academy as part of Congress ICCM # 2018. Payment required

Link to TCM Academy Website: https://www.tcm.ac/course/emotional-healing-in-the-way-of-wang-fengyi/

Length: 1:45 Hours


Wang Fengyi (1864-1937), a Confucian educator from northern China, transposed ancient wisdom into a practical 5-element based emotional healing system. Inspired by his personal healing journey, Wang gained a deep understanding of how emotional patterns rooted in family relationships can manifest as chronic disease. Through a system of therapeutic methods that promote radical self-responsibility, his work has enabled generations of peasants in NE China for more than a century to transform both physical and emotional toxicity while becoming aligned with their own “true nature”. During the last decade, Wang Fengyi’s 5-element healing system has increasingly become acknowledged as a forgotten part of the classical heritage of Chinese medicine and been utilized as an effective clinical method by students of holistic medicine in China and the West. This seminar provides a rare overview of this system by a Western practitioner, including individual case studies from 8 years of “true nature” group work.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the historical development of the Wang Fengyi emotional healing system in China and the West.
  • Define the twelve characters forming the foundation of the Wang Fengyi system.
  • Discuss the central role of Xiao and Ti in healing chronic disease.
  • Describe the development and release of disease patterns according to the 5-element system of Wang Fengyi.
  • Recount case studies of individuals undertaking “true nature” group work.

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