Understanding Shang Han Lun Physiology for Clinical Ease and Accuracy – Sharon Weizenbaum

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Lecture from ICCM#2016

There is a simple and elegant physiology hidden in the text of the Shang Han Lun.  Once this physiology is understood, much of this cryptic and confusing text suddenly makes perfect sense.  It is as if a light has suddenly gone on and the logic of the formulas falls into place.  The patterns associated with the formulas become clear and their application for both acute and chronic illnesses becomes available.

In this short course Sharon will give an overview of this Shang Han Lun physiology and how the 6 levels and their associated formulas fit into it.  Sharon will give clinical examples from her own practice, explaining how the practitioner can enable the formulas to work like magic.

We will see why:

Gui Zhi Tang worked for someone with a lump feeling in her throat

Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang worked for infertility

Da Qing Long Tang worked for gout

Da Chai Hu Tang worked for pneumonia

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