Yang Ming Qi and behavior – the hidden and revealed nature of in human life – Assaf Ezra-Yael

In this fascinating lecture, we will get to know the Yang Ming system in depth and explore its characteristics that affect the human soul and body. We will refer to its characteristics as part of the six qi and the five movements and we will see how and when man develops disorders in this system and its manifestations. We will examine some clinical aspects and understand their meanings, including optional treatments.

Assaf Ezra-Yael, a Chinese medicine practitioner since 2009, graduate ‘Ancient Chinese Medicine‘ in the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University. Specializing in gastroenterology and in the field of psychiatry in Chinese medicine and develops a unique method for counseling and learning lifestyles in traditional philosophic approaches. A Master degree student in traditional medicine, teaches and lectures in courses and conferences in Chinese and integrative medicine in Israel and abroad and has a counseling and training program for therapists in Chinese medicine.

This lecture is part of the #ICCMMEET project

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