Rooting the Spirit: שימושים קליניים ל 13 Ghost Points – רני אייל

הרצאה זו צולמה על ידי TCM Academy במסגרת הקונגרס ICCM # 2019.

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Length: 2:40 NCCAOM: Pending 3.5 PDA

十三鬼穴: The Thirteen Ghost Points

“Withdrawal and mania disease can manifest as deep silence or excessive and reckless speaking. Laughing, crying, singing, falling asleep while sitting, wanting to eat filth or excrement, running around naked or at night, manic yelling, chaotic gesturing….For this kind of patient use acupuncture and moxibustion in your treatment. When a hundred evils cause illness, there are thirteen points you can needle.”

Sun Simiao – “Essential prescriptions worth a thousand gold coins”

In the year 500 B.C., the legendary doctor Bian Que revived a patient from a state of convulsions by needling the point Gui Gong – Ghost Palace. This is the first documented treatment of a Ghost possession. A thousand years later, Sun Simiao summarized the information and the clinical protocols for thirteen ‘ghost points’, indicated for extreme clinical situations such as neurological disorders, Shen / psychiatric disorders, growths, and tumors.

This course is a personal summary of almost thirty years’ experience treating numerous patients suffering from diseases of ‘ghost possession’. We will explore the names and the energetic of the points, deepening our understanding of the classical indications and their clinical relevance for modern-day patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen your understanding of the 13 ghost points through understanding their names and energetic. 
  • Know the classical and modern indications for point selection.
  • Apply the 13 ghost points in your clinic.

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