Point Combinations according to Dr. Wang Ju-Yi method – Dr. Rodrigo Aranda

When we choose acupuncture points to perform a treatment we usually talk about point pairs. By choosing two points we are creating a synergy and In this way, the capacity of these points to influence the Qi mechanism increases. In addition, it also helps us to simplify our treatment and minimize the number of needles used.

Dr. Rodrigo Aranda MD is a medical doctor graduated from the prestigious University of Chile. After finishing his degree he moved to China where he spent several years studying Chinese Medicine in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine. In 2010 he was introduced to Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and begun his studies at the Applied Channel Theory Research Center in Beijing. On August 2013 he received the honor of being appointed Second Generation Apprentice of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi. Rodrigo is the co-founder of San Bao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Santiago, Chile. He's devoted to teaching Applied Channel Theory and running a busy clinic in Santiago.

This lecture is part of #ICCMMEET project

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