Dr. Jiri Bilek

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Born in 1974 in Prague, graduated in western medicine at the Charles University in Prague. After years working in hospital gained a specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics. He studied acupuncture at the Beijing University of TCM (Beijing zhongyiyao daxue) with extended practice in Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital in Beijing (Zhongre youhao yiyuan). He is interested in integrating of various styles of acupuncture with focus (not only) in Gynecology. He is teaching acupuncture at the 1st School of TCM as well as the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. He was a President of a professional association CCTCM (The Czech Chamber of TCM) and a board member of ETCMA responsible for research . He lives and operates a private acupuncture practice in Prague, Czech Republic.

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