Applied Channel Theory With Dr. Jason D. Robertson – Israel 2023

Hands-on part will take place in Zoa House, 26 Ibn Gabirol st (Daniel Frisch), Tel Aviv –

October 19 – 10:00-18:00

October 20-21 – 09:00-17:00


After many years of planning and dreaming, it’s finally happening – Jason Robertson is coming to Israel!

This is a two part course – online theoretical study and face-to-face hands-on practice (full detailed schedule in the “Course Structure”)

Online section – 14 hours

Hands-on section – October 19-21st – 24 hours


Registration price 4200 NIS


The number of participants is limited, it is recommended to reserve a place in advance.

The online part is taught in Zoom format.

The recordings will be available for viewing until the next meeting.


* The course will be delivered in English.


* For registration contact Mr Elad Itzhakov –
[email protected]
WhatsApp +972-544-509425

Applied Channel Theory

Six Channel Physiology, Diagnosis and Treatment with Dr. Jason D. Robertson

Israel 2023


This interactive seven-part seminar will combine six online distance lectures with a capstone hands-on seminar in Israel in October 2023. Applied Channel Theory (經絡醫學 jīng luò yī xué) is a current of thinking in contemporary acupuncture which strives to reintroduce classical physiological systems in the modern clinic. Developed by Beijing professor Wang Juyi (王居易) during 50 years of practice, it is an approach to diagnosis and treatment which allows for innovation and flexibility.  The goal of this series is not to provide a collection of protocols for individual diseases but instead to foster a conceptualization in each student’s mind of a moving, living system. Through the development and application of a classical way of seeing anatomy, physiology and pathology, students will open doors to new clinical insight while creating skills for truly individualized acupuncture treatments.

At the heart of Applied Channel Theory is a belief that clinical results will improve significantly if one can combine classical systems with palpatory diagnostic technique.  For this reason, a true transmission of Professor Wang’s life work must include not only theory but also technical training in careful channel examination. Before his passing in 2017, Dr. Wang would invite students for two-week extended seminars in his Beijing clinic.  Lectures would be followed by clinical demonstration and hands-on palpation practice so that each student could develop an acupuncture style of their own that is rooted in core classical foundations.

It is exciting to have an opportunity to re-create this more thorough training in Applied Channel Theory for students in the 21st century.  The structure of the class will involve six live online lectures over a four-month period followed by a three-day in-person intensive. By spreading the information out over a series of interactive lectures, students will be able to learn at a natural pace while slowly integrating and preparing for the extended seminar where the material will truly come to life.


There will be a free two-hour lecture introducing Applied Channel Theory and the study program on May 9, 2023 (20:00-22:00 IST)

Subjects Covered:

  • Overview of Applied Channel Theory as a ‘current of thinking’ (學派 xué pài)
  • Introduction to channel palpation in acupuncture 
  • Clinical reasoning in East Asian medicine
  • Foundations of point location and needling


Part One- May30, 2023- 20:00-22:00 IST

Taiyin System, Diagnosis and Treatment

Subjects Covered:

  • Taiyin as a post-natal system 
  • Discussion of common Taiyin palpated findings
  • Clinical application of Taiyin point pairings


Part Two- June 13, 2023- 20:00-22:00 IST

Yangming System, Diagnosis and Treatment

Subjects Covered:

  • Yangming as a system with cold, heat and qi stasis patterns 
  • Discussion of common Yangming palpated findings
  • Clinical application of Yangming point pairings


Part Three- July 6, 2023 – 20:00-22:00 IST

Shaoyin System, Diagnosis and Treatment

Subjects Covered

  • Shaoyin as regulator of Heat and Cold; affected by all other channels
  • Discussion of common Shaoyin palpated findings
  • Clinical application of Shaoyin point pairings


Part Four- July 25th, 2023-  20:00-22:00 IST

Taiyang System, Diagnosis and Treatment; ACT and structural complaints

Subjects Covered:

  • Taiyang, musculoskeletal complaints and external applications
  • Strategies for distal palpation in structural complaints
  • Discussion of common Taiyang palpated findings
  • Clinical application of Taiyang point pairings


Part Five- August 29th, 2023- 20:00-22:00 IST

Jueyin System, Diagnosis and Treatment

Subjects Covered:

  • Jueyin as a system of blood giving rise to qi 
  • Discussion of common Jueyin palpated findings
  • Clinical application of Jueyin point pairings 
  • Final thoughts before in-person gathering


Part Six- September 19th, 2023- 20:00-22:00 IST

Shaoyang System, Diagnosis and Treatment

Subjects Covered

  • Shaoyang, the Sanjiao and the regulation of pivots
  • A discussion of pelvic alignment
  • Discussion of common Shaoyang palpated findings
  • Clinical application of Shaoyang point pairings


Part Seven- Live Seminar in Israel.  October 19th-21st, 2023

Point Location and Channel Examination Practicum with Live Case Presentations

This three-day event will bring the information to life with hands-on instruction and practice.  In the last years of his work with his senior apprentices, Professor Wang began to return to the absolute primacy of careful point location.  This was likely due to his realization that training which emphasized theory without student embodiment led to less than satisfactory clinical results. In that spirit, this class will involve instruction in both channel examination and point location of all major points discussed in earlier classes. Each day will alternate between lectures and extensive time for supervised hands-on practice. This will include student needling practice of commonly used point pairs and live clinical demonstration by the instructor. Some additional lecture material may also be presented based on questions presented by students in the months leading up to the class. 

Dr. Jason D. Robertson is the co-author of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (Eastland Press, 2008) with his teacher Professor Wang Ju-yi (王居易). Mr. Robertson has studied Chinese language for 30 years and trained in Chinese medicine in Chengdu and Beijing. He currently maintains a private practice in Seattle, WA USA and is a full-time faculty member at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine (  Dr. Robertson has taught courses on acupuncture channel theory and diagnosis around the world and has been recognized by the Beijing Administration of Chinese Medicine as one of five official apprentices of Wang Juyi.


More information about Applied Channel Theory, including articles in English and Chinese can be found at

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