Understanding the Song-Jin-Yuan Masters Styles

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Practice

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In this session you can learn about the practice styles of the Four Masters of the Song-Jin-Yuan periods – medical scholars who re-evaluated the Neijing and Shanghan Lun in the light of the healthcare challenges of the time. Ideas discussed include the concepts of latent heat, xuan-fu theory, pathogen removal, tonification and centre regulation, yin-fire theory and stasis untying approaches, etc. These styles or currents of practice provided an significant backdrop for the developments that led to modern practice. Aiming for clarity and clinical relevance Charles will offer his understanding of these styles from traditional and biomedical perspectives and discuss their application for practitioners today

Charles Buck is an experienced TCM clinician, educator and author known for his lucid and engaging style. His diverse interests include classical Chinese medicine, medical sciences, communication and the advocacy of his profession.

Whilst conducting brain research in 1977 he was exposed to acupuncture neuro-physiology science and this prompted a career diversion into classical acupuncture with 3-years study at ICOM (UK). In the early ‘80’s he pioneered CHM study, practice and teaching in the UK. As a faculty member at the UK’s Northern College of Acupuncture since ‘91 he led the country’s first formal CHM training there from 1994. Gaining his TCM MSc in 2000 Charles has acted as external examiner for various universities, has presented at TCM conferences and colleges across the world and published extensively. Notable is his textbook Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Roots of Modern Practice.

As past chair of the British Acupuncture Council Charles has worked for TCM advocacy, PR and branding focussing especially on the ways that science can help us gain increased legitimacy.

  1. by the end of this session participants will understand the contributions of the 4 Song-Jin-Yuan Masters
  2. participants will be able to apply some of the principles we have covered in their clinical work appropriately
  3. understanding of modern TCM will be deepened
  4. participants will gain some insights into the biomedical sense behind some of the ideas presented
  1. Charles Buck – Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine – Roots of Modern Practice (Singing Dragon Press)
  2. Charles Buck – Zhang Cong-Zheng and the Attack and Drain School JCM #88 2008
  3. Bob Flaws – Pi Wei Lun – Blue Poopy Press
  4. Charles Buck – Xuan Fu – From Han Dynasty to Modern Times JCM – in preparation

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