Stillbirth & After

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6 births of 1,000 births in Israel end in a stillbirth.

What does “stillbirth” mean? What happens to women and their spouses after a stillbirth? And how can we, practitioners of Chinese Medicine, help?

Yael Ernst shares her personal story of the stillbirth she went through in 2010 and offers an approach that connects patients to the healing process and suggests a new dialogue for practitioners to benefit patients and spouses who went through stillbirth, which will allow a therapeutic environment for feelings of grief and loss and will allow a journey of recovery and healing

Yael Ernst had a simple vision: graduates of Chinese Medicine colleges should have a place in which they can receive all the information they need to build their clinic and truly become a practitioner in Chinese Medicine.

This is the reason Sinit website was formed, and the website continues to serve practitioners since 2005.

Yael began her journey in Chinese Medicine in 1999, and has studied with many teachers, among them are Michael Litvak, Yael Saslove-Shani, Yair Maimon and Keren Sela.

Yael offers treatments to women, especially those who went through stillbirth. In the past year (2019) she is busy raising awareness to stillbirths and sharing with practitioners from her personal experience, trying to change the dialogue surrounding stillbirth, wishing to create a safe environment within clinics, to allow women to share what they went through and not be isolated.

* Create a meeting between practitioners and a woman who went through stillbirth, which will hopefully provide practitioners with more information about what it means to go through stillbirth.

* Suggest a different dialogue which will provide a safe environment for women who went through stillbirth, and will acknowledge the pain and loss

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