PMS: more than just Liver-Qi-stagnation

This lecture focuses on the treatment of PMS from a classical point of view. The Menstrual Cycle model according to Chen Zi-Ming pays a lot of attention to the role of the Lungs. Understanding this forgotten aspect will deepen your diagnostic and acupuncture skills.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the Classical Menstrual Model with its 3 phases according to Xue Ji / Chen Zi-Ming
  • Learn how the Lung-energy influences the flow of Qi and Blood during Pre-menses and Menses 
  • Learn to properly diagnose pathological movements of the Lung-energy in regard to the menstrual cycle and treat it accordingly.
  • Develop new ways of treating PMS with specific acupuncture point combinations



Yuen J. – gynecology series lectures – private notes

Freuhauf H.– spirit of the points – lectures

Montakab H. – ‘Acupuncture Point and Channel Energetics: bridging the gap’

Sterman A.C. – Advanced acupuncture, a clinic manual’

Martine Cornelissen is a Herbalist and Acupuncturist with a main focus on Women’s disorders and Fertility. After receiving her Master’s degree in Eastern Languages & Cultures from the University of Ghent (Belgium) in 1989, she moved to Shanghai where she completed 2 years study at Fudan University. Martine continued further gynaecology-studies with dr. Yuning Wu at the university of Witten (Germany), as well as in Jinan (China) where she studied extensively with dr. Li Xiu-zhen and prof. Lian Fang at the Fertility and IVF departments of Shandong University Hospital of TCM.

She is the founder of Zi Yuan Ting Clinic for Women’s Health (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Besides being a passionate health practitioner, Martine is also a faculty member in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Qing-Bai TCM Academy in the Netherlands and an international lecturer at congresses and postgraduate gynecology classes worldwide. 

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