Introduction to Intradermal Needle Moxibustion – Kyutohinaishin Ho

Kyutohinaishin Ho is an indirect moxa technique where rice grain sized moxa cones are used to warm an intradermal needle. It provides an advantage over direct rice grain moxibustion when a greater penetration of heat is desired without leaving a burn or blister.  It is an effective technique for the treatment of a wide range of patient complaints including osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathies of the hands and feet, Bell’s Palsy, trigeminal neuralgia and allergic rhinitis.  


Learning Objectives

  1. A basic understanding of intradermal needle warming as a technique. 
  2. Ability to practice the basic techniques of intradermal needle warming. 
  3. An understanding of when and where to apply intradermal needle warming in a clinical setting. 



Intradermal Needle-head Warming Moxibustion is an indirect moxa technique where rice grain sized moxa cones are used to warm an intradermal needle. 



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Aaron Rubinstein is a 20 year Acumoxa practitioner who lives and practices in Austin, Texas. He began specializing in Japanese acumoxa therapies in 2001 in Amsterdam with Stephen Birch and Junko Ida. Further studies continued with Miki Shima, T. Koei Kuwahara, and Shoji Kobayashi. His teaching experience includes training graduate level students in advanced acupuncture theory and technique at the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, Texas. He is a Shaku Ju Kai certified Shaku Ju instructor.  He has taught hands-on courses in kyutohinaishin ho in Tokyo and Barcelona. He began developing kyutohinaishin ho in 2007. 


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