Heavenly Moxibustion – Ancient Knowledge In Modern Practice

This course will present the traditional Chinese practice of using the medicinal qualities of common herbs and spices, as an external form of therapy for stimulating the channels system – known as Tiān Jiǔ 天灸 or Heavenly Moxibustion.

This kind of practice has been in use throughout China’s history, as a folk remedy to treat and prevent illness, without the use of acupuncture needles or burning moxa. 

Learning Objectives

  • Enrich your knowledge and confidence by using common herbs and spices as an external treatment for healing and preventing disease.
  • Learn how to stimulate the channels system without using acupuncture or moxa. 
  • Expand your “Clinical Toolbox” with an effective and simple form of external therapy, using herbs instead of acupuncture needles or moxa.
  •  Help make your patient’s kitchen into a pharmacy and allow them to treat themselves at any given time.


    1. Heavenly Moxibustion and Medicinal Application Moxibustion / Lorraine Wilcox
      Journal of Chinese Medicine – No. 88 – October 2008
    2. Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine
      Compiled by Nanjing University of TCM, Translated and published by Shanghai University of TCM
  • The Kang Xi Dictionary – 康熙字典Kāng Xī Zì Diǎn
    1. Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era – 太平御览 Tài Píng Yù Lǎn / 李昉 Lǐ Fǎng 
  • Emergency Prescriptions To Keep Behind The Elbow – 肘后备急方Zhǒu Hòu Bèi Jí Fāng  / 葛洪 Gě Hóng
  • Achieving Longevity by Guarding the source – 寿世保元 Shòu Shì Bǎo Yuán /龚廷贤 Gōng Tíng Xián 
  1. Mr. Zhang’s Clear View of Medicine – 张氏医通 Zhāng Shì Yī Tōng / 张璐Zhāng Lù
  2. The Essential Herbal Foundation – 本草备要 Bèn Cǎo Bèi Yào / 汪昂 Wāng Áng

Shay Sharabi has been a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist since the year 2010. He holds a Diploma of Chinese Medicine from East-West-The Israeli School and Center of Classic Chinese Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel. After working in a Chinese herbs pharmacy, he flew to China for short term studies at the ZhongFang Red Cross International Hospital for Chronic and Difficult diseases in Hunan.
After that visit to China, he started deepening his knowledge of Chinese medical and philosophical texts, focusing his practice mainly on internal and external application of Chinese single herbs and prescriptions for treating various diseases. As a big fan of the ancient, experience based, form of Chinese medicine, Shay kept sampling and trying various methods of treatment on himself and in his private clinic, using both well known Chinese prescriptions and folk remedies. Since 2018 he is researching the medical texts for methods of treatment and preventing diseases – especially those treatments who are time related. This research has led him to start teaching practical workshops on using “Heavenly Moxibustion” – a truly ancient form of external treatment, hardly known to western practitioners – based on the sole use of well known and commonly used herbs and spices, to stimulate the channels system in order to treat and prevent diseases.

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