Gastrointestinal Issues from A Japanese Perspective

While the paradigm of Chinese medicine is studied throughout the world, the Japanese interpretation  offers its own unique  approach to diagnosis and treatment. My presentation on GI diseases will offer instruction on the application of meridian therapies along with the Eight Extra Vessels and Channel Divergents , in a way that they can be simply  incorporated into your clinical practice. Complementing that, herbal formulas for each issue will be discussed.


Learning Objectives:

Gain understanding of the Eight Extra Vessel Pulses and their application in GI diseases

Understand the application of the Channel Divergents in GI disease

Understand the synergy between Meridian  treatments and these deeper pathways

Utilize specific formulas for GI diseases

Introduce needling techniques used in Japanese treatments



An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels by Miki Shima and Charles Chase

The Channel Divergences; Deeper Pathways of the Web by Miki Shima and Charles Chase

Bio for Butch Levy MD, L. Ac

Dr Butch Levy has evolved from his initial medical training in primary care, to a wholistic clinical practitioner. He offers integrative care from a perspective of Western, Chinese and Functional Medicine paradigms. His current focus is helping patients with complex chronic disease.

In the early 1990’S he began his training in Chinese Medicine and was NCCAOM certified in 1995. As a student mentored by Dr Miki Shima since 1992, his approach reflects a Japanese approach to the practice of Kampo herbs and acupuncture.

His current practice integrates this diverse background, bridging the East and West. 

He has also writing and teaching more extensively; teaching seminars on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, The Art of Kampo and Integrative Oncology.

He has completed two publications:

Miraculous Cures by Shang Han Lun Masters

Kampo Herbal Medicine; The Japanese Perspective on the Chinese Herbal Medicine.

He can be contacted via his email; [email protected]


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