What is the Tian Gui? A Theoretical Modern Approach and Ways to Support its Functions

Language: Hebrew

Field: Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy

This Lecture is suitable for all levels


This lecture will focus on a basic and important term mentioned in the Yellow Emperor on the years cycle of women and men the “Tian Gui”. For 90 minutes we will try to create a dialog where we will try to answer a few questions:

What is the Celestial water?

How can it be treated in modern medicine?

What is its importance in women’s medicine and how can it be supported?

It is a theoretical – clinical lecture that combines ancient Chinese medicine and modern integrative thought, combining terms such as Jjing- essence, qi and blood with the hypothalamus – hypophysis – ovarian axis.

This lecture is recommended for clinicians interested or practicing in gynecology and fertility, as well as for those who are looking to expand their point of view and receive clinical information to apply in the clinic


In 2003 Keren has completed her Master’s degree at Zhe Jiang University specializing in women’s health. Since then she has been working and teaching in Israel, TCM gynecology and focusing primarily on treating infertility and pregnancy.

Today Keren works in a private clinic focusing mainly on fertility, pregnancy and different women’s health issues. She regularly lectures at many professional workshops on TCM gynecology and fertility in Israel and abroad.

  1. A participant can perform a modern clinical interpretation of the term Tian Gui
  2. Participant receives acupuncture and herbal tools to support the idea of “heavenly water”
  1. Yellow emperor Su wen chapter 1
  2. Fu qing Zhu Nu Ke

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