Madness and Psychosis- Traditional and Contemporary Approaches

Language: Hebrew

Field: Acupuncture, Classics / Philosophy

This Lecture is suitable for all levels


A patient walks in to the treatment room. He suspect that every one are trying to hurt him. He describes his parents’ face changing in front of his eyes. He feels his mother is trying to seduce him.

Some will call this madness, some possessed, the psychiatric will call it psychosis.

During history, chinese medicine suggested all king of traditional models for approaching psychosis in the attempt to define and treat it. Are this traditional models valid in our modern time and western world?

What suggest the possession (Ghost) approach ,in the chinese medicine and religion?

Does this point of reference has blind spots to the inner message of the patient’s soul? a soul that seek for attention and healing.

In the lecture, we will discussed those questions and other and we will delve in to the phenomenon of psychosis


Tzafrir Nachmani is a Chinese medicine practitioner at the Izun Institute for Addiction and Mental Illness in Israel. This unique institute successfully integrates multiple therapeutic modalities, with the purpose of treating severe mental conditions (such as psychosis, bi-polar disorder, PTSD etc.) and various addictions.

During his years of practicing Chinese medicine Tzafrir has treated patients and conditions that are rarely seen in an ordinary clinic and has developed a novel way of understanding and approaching these conditions.

Tzafrir’s article entitled “Acupuncture Treatment of Substance Induced Psychosis, Addiction and Pain” was published by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 2015.

 Tzafrir Nachmani studied from Roni Sapir in the East & West College for Classical Chinese Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is trained in five element acupuncture from the teaching of Dr. Van Buren (ICOM, England) and he is influenced by the teaching of Jeffery Yuen (N.Y) and Chris Bunkell (Sweden). Beside acupuncture he is trained in herbal medicine, stems and branches, and trauma-oriented focusing.

His various seminars on the deep understanding of chinese medicine, psychology and psychiatry were held in Israel and across Europe

  1. Understanding what psychosis is – according to the psychiatric approach, according to spiritual outlook and according to Chinese tradition
  2. Understanding the difference between the concept of external obsession and the concept of internal decomposition.


  1. San Shen Qi Ling – 3 Spirits and 7 Souls. Jeffery Yuen. Lecture in New England School of Acupuncture
  2. The Song of theThirteenGhost Points, Huang Pui Yu, Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine

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