Don’t Jump the Gun – The Treatment of Premature Ejaculation in Chinese Medicine

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Premature ejaculation or lack of control over the ejaculation mechanism is a very common
The various definitions of the phenomenon often find us confused as to whether one-third
of men suffer from the phenomenon or more than two-thirds of men.
The Western world, which, on the one hand, has a high degree of openness to sexuality, has
neglected this phenomenon in the medical world and ignores the suffering caused by
unsatisfactory man and his partner to the sexual life and to the social phenomena associated
with it.
The Chinese because of the concept of preserving the extract/Jing regarded the issue as a
medical problem that can and should be treated and today a combination of modern
knowledge and ancient insights allows us to achieve a dramatic improvement in a
considerable percentage of the sufferers quite easily.
The lack of awareness and often the social embarrassment of talking about the subject
causes too few people to get relief and even more to come to us asking for relief. That is
why I think we should be the ones initiating the conversation about the problem and the
solution in front of our patient.
In this lecture we will cover the main definitions, causes of the problem and accepted
treatment methods and will elaborate on the treatment with the help of herbs, acupuncture
and exercise that will improve the sex life of our patients.

Academic Director of the Largest Chinese Medicine School in Israel, a Pioneer in Integrative Medicine and a World-Renowned Lecturer
Adi is the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine at Reidman College, Israel’s largest school of Chinese Medicine. He is responsible for all academic and pedagogical aspects of the four-year College of Chinese Medicine program.
Co-Founder of the ITC- Israli Tan Center Privet
Adi Fromm was the Director of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center (Shira”m), the first Department of Complementary Medicine founded in a hospital in Israel. Adi is responsible for all activities of the department, including conducting research, teaching and performing Alternative and Chinese Medicine treatments.
Under his leadership, he succeeded in reaching a breakthrough in terms of cooperation between the medical establishment and complementary medicine, especially Chinese medicine, which led to the creation of the Integrative Medicine department. Adi is the first Chinese medicine practitioner who ever used acupuncture and herbal medicine inside an hospital ward. His pioneering work has become a model for integrating Chinese medicine in modern hospitals.
Adi is an official representative of Dr. Tan in Israel and is certified by Dr. Richard Tan in the Balance Method and bearer of his Gold Certificate. Adi is an expert in Chinese medicine treatments for orthopedics, pain and internal medicine, especially in Dr. Tan Balance Method. His vast experience led him to establish unique specialization courses in these areas. He teaches Dr. Tan’s Balance Method in Israel, Poland and Denmark and is a regular lecturer at international conferences.
Along with his work in the hospital and the college, Adi has two private clinics in Tel Aviv and Rishon LeZion and is the former Chairman of the Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Adi graduated in 2002 and completed his internship at the Zhejiang Hospital, Hangzh, China. He has been practicing the meridian theory and Dr. Tan’s Balance Method ever since. Adi completed his Advance Studies of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method in Taipei (Taiwan), Berlin (Germany) and Israel with Dr. Tan himself.

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