“Drain the Fire” – A western and Chinese Analysis of the Formula Huang Lian Jie Du Tang

Language: Hebrew

Field: Herbal Medicine

This Lecture is suitable for all levels


In the lecture we will discuss the classic formula Huang Lian Jie Du Tang –

We will understand how the chemical “active components” and their physiological effects represent the energetics and activity of prescription according to Chinese medicine. We will discuss the appropriate extraction and preparation methods for this prescription. We will continue to meet with “Western herbs” which can give us “Western Alternative Prescription”, while maintaining the knowledge of the energy and chemistry of these herbs.

Nir Avraham MSc, RH (AHG), IHMA
Nir Avraham embarked on his journey to plants and healing in childhood and solidified his decision as a student of Life science (BSc) and Medical science (MSc Biochemistry) as an adult. He credits his time at the California School of Herbal Studies in 2006 with being the beginning of his professional career as an herbal practitioner, researcher and teacher. Nir took part as a board member of the Israeli Herbal Medicine Association and is recognized by the AHG (American Herbalists Guild). Nir is best known for establishing the groundbreaking herbal pharmacy, Trifolium, the first official 100% Herbal Medicine Pharmacy in Israel 2016. At Trifolium, Nir can be found providing clinical-educational support and developing new extraction methods and remedies.

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