Water the Tree in the Spring with Quality Water – Cleansing Time

Language: Hebrew

Field: Nutrition

This Lecture is suitable for all levels

A lot of water seeped through the winter season in Mother Earth’s different layers,
In nature, water feeds the soil always recreating life.
How can we as therapists mobilize the power of water to quench the tree within us?
Spring provides us with a good opportunity to pause, take a breath and understand the
power of this season to take a mental and physical break, and provide our body with a
quality time of rejuvenation, feeding and cleansing after the winter.
In the lecture we will look at the attributes of different types of cleansing.
We will meditate on the activation of the senses, we, the caregivers also deserve a
moment of cleansing and caring for ourselves.
To give is also to receive.
Sometimes I come across people with a lot of knowledge and therapeutic experience they
have accumulated over the years, but when I sit in front of them for a conversation, I find
that they do not always care for themselves.
One of the most important quotes that I heard at the beginning of my career in Chinese
Shiatsu and medicine 30 years ago is: “Practice what you preach”
This phrase is engraved in my body cells, it is like an alarm clock which that stares at me
me from moment to moment, and through it I try to "reboot" the regeneration of my body
We all deserve to pause for a moment and look inward at our blessed practice, to give
patients the opportunity to make a change and be balanced.
Let’s stop for a moment and give some of this good to ourselves.

Avital Sebbag, N.D.LI.ac certified natural therapist
A proud mother of five sons, who has been practicing and teaching ancient Chinese
medicine and naturopathy, for the past 30 years.
Author of the bestselling book "Five Seasons in Vegan Kitchen-Cooking in the Spirit of
Zen. This book is the culmination of a life time’s work as a vegan chef and Zen
practitioner, and many years of organizing cleansing groups in Israel and around the

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