Japanese Acupuncture Treating Stress as First Line Treatment for Pain and Changing the Brain’s Pain Perception

Language: Hebrew

Field: Acupuncture

This Lecture is suitable for all levels


When stressed the autonomic nerve system is imbalanced

and the shows signs of this stress.

It appears as palpable sensitive spots and areas in the body.

I call it the ‘Stress Map’.

Treating this spots calms the nerves system

and reduces the pain dramatically.

Addressing and treating brain pain perception is

another important part of the treatment as it

affects the deep source of pain.

This lecture is the fruit of thousands of treatments

in my clinic the last 2 decades.

This way of thinking changed my clinic entirely


Hasina Erder Dipl. Acupuncture & Herbology

Hasina Erder is a skilled Japanese acupuncturist, and has been practicing and teaching several Japanese acupuncture styles since 2002.

She currently teaches the Japanese style 2 year program and is giving seminars in different Japanese acupunctures styles.

Hasina is using mainly the Kiiko Matsumoto teachings. In the last years she practices the Meridian-test treatments based on Prof. Mukaino Yoshito’s theory and practice.

Hasina has worked in Assaf Haroffe Hospital for many years and she is the founder and director of the Tevamed clinic, teaching and training acupuncturists.


    1. Pain differential diagnosis
    2. Learning the ‘body’s stress map’
    3. Treating backache and sciatica by choosing the right points that effect the stress map and the brain’s pain perception

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