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Lecture from ICCM#2017

The Sinew Channels, also known as the TMM, are the external layer of our body. They allow for our interaction with the external world.

The Sinew Channels are conduits of Wei Qi. Sinew treatments release any combination of Cold, Damp, Heat and Wind trapped in the Wei level, resulting in pain, stiffness, tightness, weakness, numbness, neuropathy, allergies, digestive issues, mood disorders, hypersensitivity to weather and temperature. The Sinew Channel treatment is the most appropriate treatment for acute injuries. They can also be used for chronic injuries; new, old, and very old scars from surgery or burns; and for the misalignment of joints, as in the case of bunions, for example. Sinew treatments dramatically speed recovery after injuries and surgeries, burns, breaks and fractures. The course includes Sinew theory, applications, and demonstrations of needling techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The students will understand the structure of the complete channel system
  2. The students will understand the pathways and points on all sinew channels
  3. The student will demonstrate sinew needling technique
  4. The student will diagnose sinew condition from taking the pulse


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  2. Sinew Channel – NESA transcript 2004, Jeffrey C. Yuen
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