Acupuncture channel theory and herbal shan han lun applications – Amos Ziv & Michael Oxman

Lecture From ICCM#2016

As the incidence of metabolic-related disorders continues to rise, it is increasingly
important to understand early diagnostic risk factors and effective ways in which to
manage them. The concept of metabolism dates back to the early Greeks and is
inherent throughout much of Chinese medical theory. Metabolism enables our
bodies to adapt to the world around us. Chinese medical assessment and methods
of treatment embody the concept of the body’s innate ability for adaptation making
it an effective intervention for a wide range of metabolic disorders.
Six Channel pattern identification and treatment was developed in the Shan Han Lun
and written by Zhang Zhong Jing during the later part of the Han Dynasty (220 A.D.).
Although largely known for the treatment of externally contracted febrile diseases,
it has significant clinical applications for the treatment of internal disorders.
Techniques for using Six Channel theory to diagnose and identify early metabolic
dysfunction and treatment strategies for the prevention and management of a wide
range of metabolic disharmonies will be presented.

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