Why do we have neck pains? A classical acupuncturist's approach to the diagnosis and treatment of neck problems

Patients with chronic neck problems are always a challenge in the clinic – many times treatments provide relief of pain and restore mobility but, quite often, the relief is temporary and the issues are never really solved

The reason behind this is that the neck plays a crucial role in Human life – it is the connection between the head and the body; the mediator between Heaven and Earth; the vehicle of interaction between the internal Self and the exterior world

Chronic issues of the neck point to internal imbalances, which must be addressed in order to promote long-term healing

In this lecture we will explore the reasons behind neck pains and discuss specific diagnostic techniques, treatment strategies and point selection to improve clinical success

Rani Ayal has been studying, practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine for over thirty years

Initially introduced in Japan to Shiatsu and Meridian style Acupuncture, he returned to Israel in 1988 to complete his studies in Shiatsu, TCM acupuncture and herbal therapy

Rani then continued his training in Constitutional Acupuncture – specializing in the philosophies of Five Phases and Tian Gan Di Zhi: 'Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches' – under master acupuncturist Joan Duveen, who continues to be his mentor to this day

Former head of Acupuncture at the Sourasky medical center in Tel Aviv and chairman of the Israeli TCM association, Rani maintains a full-time clinic for adults and children, treating over 100 patients a week

Rani lectures frequently in Israel and internationally and is co-author of an upcoming book on the points of acupuncture, titled the "Gates of Life

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