The treatment of frozen shoulder using Dr. tan balance method acupuncture

Dr. Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture is one of the most useful method of acupuncture for treating pain disorders, as well as treating internal disorders.
In this lecture we will focus on frozen shoulder and other common shoulder conditions, using one of the most effective acupuncture methods.
Frozen shoulder is a very common complaint coming to our clinic, and while western medicine doesn’t have a very useful treatment, we Chinese medicine practitioners can give a lot of help reducing pain and increasing range of motion. helping our patients pass this time in their life’s with relative ease. helping them to heal faster and rehabilitate quickly. In this particular lecture we will review the basic of the Balance Method. We will learn the approach of the Balance Method for these kinds of conditions. We will learn about frozen shoulder and other shoulder problem from western medicine point of view, and how to translate our finding into Chinese medicine language. We will learn how to particularly use acupuncture to treat frozen shoulder successfully. We will learn some major protocols for treating frozen shoulder
We will also review some very useful training exercises for rehabilitation

Understand the basic of the balance method

Learn how to diagnose frozen shoulder

Transforming our diagnosis into a simple acupuncture treatment

Understand the balance method approach for shoulder problems

Know how to guide patients to do simple rehabilitation exercise

Adi Fromm is the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine at Reidman College, Israel’s largest school of Chinese Medicine. He is responsible for all academic and pedagogical aspects of the four-year program. Adi is the former director of the Integrative Medicine Department at Assaf Ha Rofeh Medical Center (Shiräm), the first Department of Complementary Medicine founded in a hospital in Israel. Adi continues to teach the internship of orthopedics and internal medicine at the hospital. Adi is an official representative of Dr. Tan in Israel and is a bearer of his Gold Certificate and recently published together with Guy Polak »The Book of Balance Method«. He is the coauthor of a study on the effects of acupuncture for the treatment of acute back and neck pain in the ER and the coauthor of a study on the effects of acupuncture on the treatment of I.B.S at Assaf Ha Rofeh Medical Center

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