The Chong Mai, Diaphragms and Digestion A pre heaven perspective of diagnosis of patterns in the digestive system

The Chong Mai is created in the uterus and carries our pre heaven tendencies, including digestive disorders, into our world. The Jing carries these patterns of our physical and mental health.  In this lecture I will discuss the Yuan level and The Chong Mai Vessel in depth and their relationship to the 7 Diaphragm system researched in Osteopathy and many other therapies. This integrative exploring angle brings light to the understanding of the mysteries of the digestive patterns and disharmonies from pre and post heaven sources

Learning objectives: The viewer will learn of the 5 different trajectories of the Chong Mai vessel, their relationship to the different diaphragms and their influence on the source of our digestive tendencies that we bring into this world


Advanced acupuncture, a clinical manual by Ann Cecil-Sterman MS, L.Ac

Jeffery Yuen – 8 Extraordinary Channels – Seminar

An exposition on the Eight Extraordinary vessels – Charles Chace & Miki Shima

The uncharted body – Dr. Daniel Keown

The Dao of Trauma – Alaine Duncen

CV:  Yael Saslove Shani Dip. Acu & Herb

1997 graduated from ‘Medicin’, College of TCM

1998 studied gynecology in Chengdu University Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China 

1999 – 2001 Post graduate program of Gynecology taught by Prof Yu Ning Wu

1999 – Practiced Chinese medicine in 'Tel-Hashomer' Hospital treating patients at gynecology, trauma and the psychiatry wards

Co- author of two of the first clinical handbooks to be published in Hebrew, the 'Clinical Handbook of TCM' and 'Clinical Handbook of TCM Gynecology and Obstetrics'

Co- founder of the 'Dao collage of TCM' in Ramat Yohanan, where I have directed the Chinese herb department, Gynecological studies, and the clinical practicum

Studied and embedded in my practice Arvigo abdominal therapy and Anpuku abdominal therapy alongside workshops in Osteopathy, Yoga therapy, Shiatsu and Thai Massage, Somatic movement and more

Studied with Jeffery Yuen, Cody Dodo, Dr. Edward Neil and more

Today I run a private clinic, and teach postgraduate gynecology courses, lecture extensively on Woman's health, infertility, Chinese herbs and the connection between hormonal balance, lifestyle, mind, body and spirit

 You are invited to contact me at: [email protected]

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