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This year TCM Think want to challenge and expand your belief system

 With the three speaker Karine Kedar, Mel Hopper Koppelmann, and Pnina Droyan we have practitioners who are at the forefront of their field and represent with their forward thinking, farsightedness and ideas the core of TCM Think.

 Pnina Droyan in the treatment of autistic children

Mel Hopper Koppelman on the field of science and research in the TCM world

Karine Kedar: In the field woman’s health and well beiing

 By expanding their mind and ideas on their field they help our profession to reach for higher knowledge and widen our horizons.

married, 5 children

1986 – 1989 Heilpraktiker School: Joseph Angerer Schule, Munich / Germany

1989 – 1992 International College of Oriental Medicine, East Grindstead /England

since 1992 clinic in Frankfurt / Germany

Co-founder (1994) and Teacher of the Ausbildungszentrum Mitte für TCM:

2005-2014 President of the AGTCM / Germany

Co-founder of the ETCMA / Europe

CPD in Supervision with Isobel Cosgrove (England) and in Systemic Therapy and Family Constellations with Helmut Meier (Germany)

Since 2014 participant in the MSc program of the Northern College of Acupuncture / England.

Considers himself as a pragmatic clinician and practitioner with special interest in the personal and psychological development of his patients.

“My Systemic thinking is for me a useful tool that helps my treatment on a more intellectual level in combination with the more emotional and energetic level that I can reach with my acupuncture. I strongly feel that personal development and growth has to happen on all these levels, and that we as acupuncturist tend to underestimate the intellectual level because we don´t have a lot of training in that field.”



Science, Research and the Evolution of Consciousness: A Contextual Framework for Acupuncture in Modern Medicine


In this talk, we will explore the evolution of human thought, why different ways of thinking flourish in different times and how we can understand our profession’s perspective on healthcare in the context of modern medical science. We will then look at how best to communicate with different people and organisations in order to improve public health and save lives by improving access to acupuncture.


The Where


You know what you practice and how you practice it
But there might be an aspect to your practice you've neglected:
Let's talk about it: let's talk about the where
Pnina Droyan will challenge your perception of your own clinic with her experience
of where to treat autistic children

כותרת ההרצאה:
Trauma Informed Chinese Medicine Care

The clinical encounter is private and gentle.
with our patient, comes a story, asking to be healed as well.
Following the recent emergence of #MeToo, many patients are overwhelmed by difficult
memories relating to events that they or their loved ones have experienced.
In TCM think 2020 Karine Kedar will speak about trauma and secondary trauma While
exploring the trauma informed care in the Chinese medicine clinic.

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