Tai-Jiao – Fetal Education

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When does learning begin?
When do humans begin to learn how to adapt to life?
Does learning begin only after birth??
Actually some of the most important learning, happens before we are born.
Our health and well-being throughout our lives is crucially affected by the nine month we
spend in the womb,
by the few hours we are born and by the first few hours of our post-natal lives.
My talk is not constricted to Jing, the eastern term for the ancestral knowledge and experience
passed from our parents, allopathic medicine calls this Genetics.
I will also explore the idea that Babies, themselves, mediated by their mothers, start learning
about the postnatal life, the world he or she will be born to, in the womb.

In the last few decades scientists have come to recognize this field of education, They call it
“fetal origins” or “intrauterine programming”.
For our Chinese scholars, this is old news; 2000 years ago, they called it “Tai-Jiao”, or fetal
education (Tai = fetus, Jiao = to teach or instruct).
Tai-jiao suggests that the way a woman lives while she is pregnant:
her emotional state, her past,
the stresses she experiences, her coping resources,
her diet, her habits, her physical activities, even the music she listens to or the things she
everything about her environment influences the baby.

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In my lecture I’ll explore ideas and concepts from near and far, Sun Si Miao, Guan Zi, Dr’
Michel Odent and Prof’ Marek Glazerman will accompany us on our journey to better
understanding life in-uterus and its effect on us all post-Nataly.

קרין קידר

מטפלת מוסמכת ברפואה סינית ויפנית, תומכת לידה ומדריכת הכנה ללידה.
מקימה ושותפה במרפאת "מקום של נשים", מרכז לרפואת נשים אינטגרטיבית.
חברת הנהלה ב"קרן בריאה", קרן ללא כוונת רווח הפועלת לשיפור בריאות נשים בישראל.

  • Understanding both ancient eastern and modern western perspective regarding life in uteru – Bio-psycho-social approach
  • Looking at the influence of stress, diet and well-being during pregnancy and Maternal-fetal symbiosis
  • Understanding the term “Tai Jiao” (traditional Chinese eugenics)
  • Understanding the Critical Period Between Conception, birth and the first year of life
  • Exploring measures of care for Maternal health promotion
  • Kiiko Matsumoto Clinical Strategies Vol. 1+2 by Kiiko Matsumoto and David Euler. 


  • Contemporary Oriental Medicine Concepts by Leon I. Hammer



  • Birth Matters: A Midwife's Manifesta by Ina May Gaskin and Ani Di Franco
  • De Freud à Bion. La césure de la naissance au regard des états-limites, Bernard Golse Dans L'information psychiatrique 2016/2 (Volume 92), pages 131 à 136
  • Birth Pain: Explaining Sensations, Exploring Possibilities by Verena Schmid and Trudy Stevens
  • Gender Medicine: The Groundbreaking New Science of Gender – and Sex-Related Diagnosis and Treatment  by Marek Glezerman
  • Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma with Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine by Rosen Ross 
  • Notes from “Nourishing the Womb” seminar by Jeffrey Yuen
  • Primal Health: Understanding the Critical Period Between Conception and the First Birthday Revised Edition by Michel Odent

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