PMS due to Hypothyroidism

Every 7th woman is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, mostly due to Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Every 4th woman suffers from Hypothyroid – but is undiagnosed due to the matrix of the conventional regular Tests. Most of these undiagnosed women have a long and strong mental and physical PMS

In This Lecture we will Focus on detecting this common root cause of PMS and practice with herbs (Chinese and western) combined with simple home and clinical tests in chinese medicine and western Public Labs

This is a clinical herbal & nutritional lecture for thyroid, focusing on PMS, No acupuncture included in this Lecture


 Williams Textbook of Endocrinology

 The Energetics of Western Herbs : A Materia Medica Western and Chinese Herbal Therapeutics

 Gut Feeling – Updates of Gut Microbiome

Jonathan Ronen Dip C.M (I.A TCM) is a Chinese and Japanese medicine practitioner, specifically in thyroid problems, on behalf of the University Hospital in Hangzhou Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM, Hangzhou, China (2011-2012)

Member in the European union of Chinese medicine

Member in the Israel professional herbalism union

2008-2011 Broshim Campus

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