PMDD – The EVIL twin sister of PMS

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a severe extension of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). According to western medicine it is mostly caused by fluctuating ?hormones, let’s meet and ask: is it

What is menstruation, What are the premenstrual symptoms and syndromes, why do they cause pain, suffering and discomfort?

Does it have to be this way?

Although PMDD shares many of the same symptoms of PMS — including irritability, depression, mood swings and fatigue — they’re much more severe. For many women with PMDD, symptoms are so intense, they report cyclical times in the monthly cycle in which they struggle to function, parent and preserve relationships. Some women say it's as if, every month, prior to their period they feel suicidal or homicidal. Yes, that bad

In my talk we'll explore the cycle, the emotional effect hormones have on us, we'll see the similarities and differences between PMS and PMDD,   hint – they're just names, when it's bad it's bad

We’ll explore Chinese Medicine concepts regarding the cycle and its disturbances towards our bleeding and offer interventions and ideas of how to make our monthly cycle a friendly guide to our inner world instead of punishment




Learn about the hormone myth, the politics of menstruation, euphemisms and taboos

Learn about the effects hormones have on women's bodies and souls. Is it true what they say

Explore the menstrual cycle in a seasonal model

?PMS vs PMDD – differences and similarities – does it really matter

How to help women get acquainted with their seasons and regain their feeling of control over their cycles




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Karine Kedar Dipl. Acu

Karine Kedar

Chinese and Japanese style Acupuncture practitioner, Chinese herbalist, birth assistant & Educator

Founder and Partner of “Women's Place” Clinic of Integrative Medicine for Women's Health
Board Member of "Briah" non-profit organization for Women's Health in Israel


B.A Far East studies Tel Aviv University 1998-2001 

Dipl. Ac. & C.H Medicine College, Tel Aviv 2000-2004

Birth assistance and Education studies, Medicine College, Tel Aviv 2003

Continuous Education in Japanese Acupuncture program – KMI- Kiiko Matsumoto Sensei and Mr. Ran Kalif, Israel and Germany – 2005-2007

Master Jeffery Yuen Continuous Education, Academy of classical Chinese medicine, Ireland, Dublin 2010-present

Japanese Acupuncture Seminars in Japan –Shudo Denmai Sensei, Yasuda Mukan Sensei, Youki Miyawaki Sensei 

Moxibustion Seminars – Suzuki Kojiro Sensei, Junji Mizutani Sensei 

Toyohari Japanese Needle Therapy – Postgraduate program Stephen Birch, Junko Ida 2000-present

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