Optimize your practice. Correlating moxa point with moxibustion techniques

Based on palpation, moxibustion must be applied in specific points to release fascial tissues, and in order to balance channels or to solve a symptom. Different moxibustion techniques can be used together to get these amazing effects. This lecture aims to discuss and discover the best moxibustion points, how to find them, and which technique to use in order to achieve the best results in your clinic

Learning objectives

Understanding moxibustion points and how they work

Application of Moxa techniques in correlation with moxibustion points

Palpation techniques for correct moxibustion-point location that releases fascia tissue


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Felip Caudet has been in practice as a physiotherapist and acupuncturist since 1999, and specialises in Japanese moxibustion. He studied with Tetsuya Fukushima and Hideo Shinma (son of Master Fukaya). Currently, he is recognised as the fourth in the lineage of Fukaya Style of Moxibustion  due to his developments and contributions to the style. He combines his clinical activity in Spain with teaching around the world. He has published several books on moxibustion and articles on international journals as the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, Acu or Osaka Shinkyu Journal

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