Lei Zhen – Thunderfire Miraculous Needling – revealing a Ming dynasty moxa secret

After a brisk review of moxa’s contribution to our work we then reflect on the responses to moxabustion from the TCM and biomedical viewpoints. Next we learn how to add this powerful method into our therapeutic armoury, using moxa sticks as they were originally intended

Learning objectives

By the end of this session participants will

gain a refreshed understanding of moxibustion

learn some remarkable insights into the science of moxa stimulation 

have learned how enhance their clinical work with a wonderful moxa method


Direct transmission from Dr Wang

Mention of this technique appears in Wilcox

In practice since 1984, Charles is an experienced TCM clinician, educator and author known for his lucid and engaging style. His diverse interests include classical Chinese medicine, medical sciences, communication and advocacy of our profession

Conducting brain research in the ‘70’s he encountered the neuro-physiology science behind acupuncture and this prompted a career diversion into classical acupuncture with 3-yrs study at ICOM (UK). In the early ‘80’s he pioneered CHM study, practice and teaching in the UK and as a faculty member at a leading Acupuncture he led the UK’s first formal CHM training. Gaining his TCM MSc in 2000 Charles has acted as a university external examiner, has presented at conferences across the world and published extensively. Notable is his textbook Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Roots of Modern Practice 

A past chairman of the British Acupuncture Council Charles has worked for TCM advocacy, PR and branding focussing especially on the ways that science can help us gain increased legitimacy

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