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Often, clinical manifestation of anxiety is perceived as fear and then the treatment strategy is focused on the kidney. Through clinical cases this lecture will unfold the different clinical approaches and use of acupuncture to alleviate this very settled movement in the mind which creates internal instability and turmoil

This lecture will take you into a deeper approach of utilizing acupuncture to transform emotions and life

Learning objectives

Understanding the difference between, fear anxiety and depression

Diagnosis of anxiety in TCM

Acupuncture points to treat anxiety

Trough cases you will learn the complexity and clinical approach in treating anxiety

Dr. Yair Maimon OMD PhD Ac

Dr. Yair Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 30 years of clinical, academic, and research experience. He is the president of ETCMA, the European TCM association

Dr. Maimon has been leading a unique research in herbal medicine and acupuncture at Center of integrative oncology at the institute of Oncology, in the largest hospital in Israel and the middle east- Sheba Medical center. Founder of Refuot integrative medicine center 

He has published several outstanding research articles in prominent scientific medical journals showing a unique, promising results on the effect of herbal medicine in cancer care and prevention

He is the President of the International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Israel ICCM

Founder of the eLearning: TCM Academy (TCM.AC), which is an innovative online platform for expanding the knowledge of Chinese medicine worldwide

Over the years, Dr. Maimon has developed a special insight in diagnosis and treatment of variety of psychological, autoimmune disorders and cancer, stemming from a deep understanding of Chinese medicine

In addition to being a man of research and a teacher Dr. Maimon is a fully active integrative and Chinese medical clinician, treating numerous patients and devoted in order to ease suffering and promote healing

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