Heart and Stomach – Fire in the digestive system

Lecture is about the importance of fire, especially heavenly fire in the digestive system. Understanding the role of the Heart in relation with Stomach gives us a deeper perspective in looking at the core of the digestion disease. Thanks to this understanding we can bring more effective treatment and deep healing to the patients

Learning objectives

Understanding the role of Heart and the Stomach in the digestive track

Understanding the importance of the fire in the digestive system – earthly fire and heavenly fire

Looking at the Heart and Stomach in the organ clock. Comparing hexagrams of Heart and Stomach

Understand clinical applications coming from this comparison – how Stomach can support Heart in enjoying life and how Heart supports Stomach and digestion

Understand how using heavenly fire we can create deep healing in a patient

Building point combinations for digestive problems with using Heart points

Presentation of some cases


Rochat Heart Master

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Yair Maimon Shen acupuncture lecture

Freuhauf Male and Female Archetypes within the 12 Organ Networks

L.S. Jarrett Nourishing destiny. 

Izabela completed Chinese Medicine studies in Cracow ( part of Avicenna Institute runs by Claude Diolosa and Matthias Hunecke

she participated in a clinical study with M. Hunecke at the Free Clinic in Nepal. Later she was honored to study on many courses with great teachers :  Matthias Hunecke, Claude Diolosa, Elisabeth Rochat , Joan Duveen, Rani Ayal, Yair Maimon and many others travelling around the world to listen to them

She is working in a private clinic in Warsaw helping people restoring harmony in their body and life, working with physical and emotional pain, stress, helping couples with fertility problems to get pregnant, support women during pregnancy, and support cancer patients

She is a teacher in Acuart International School of Classical Acupuncture, teaching students about fire element and gynecology

I was a speaker on the Congress in Crakow and Graz

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