Transforming Your Clinic by Understanding the Hun and Po

שפת ההרצאה: אנגלית

ההרצאה מתאימה לכל הרמות

In clinical reality we meet various symptoms such as: anxiety, fears, obsessions, nightmares,
depression etc… In order to understand, diagnose and treat such conditions there is a need
to have an insight into the Inner Alchemy (neidan 內丹), which is the underlying thread to
Chinese medicine and the usage of acupuncture.
Moreover, these conditions are directly connected to the human soul, as it is represented in
the dynamic relation between hun魂 and po 魄.
This course focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the 3 Hun and 7 Po, as they are
explained in Inner Alchemy (neidan). There the seven Po and their understanding of human
desires are the root of suffering and motivation. The 3 Hun and inspiration and dreams.
The course also explains the relation of the seven Po to the Lung, the essence (jing),
sadness, fear of death and dreams. The relation of Hun to liver, sprit (Shen) and blood (Xue).
Explanation to diagnosis and treatment will be shown in various clinical examples, from
prenatal, congenital and acquired diseases – as allergies, traumata, different syndromes of
pain or psychic disorders. They will teach us the use of specific acupuncture points and
reveal the pathology and at the same time the potential of the Hun and Po-souls.
In the lecture attendees will get both a deep theoretical and classical view of the the Hun
and Po; they will observe cases and study the use of acupuncture points which can treat a
variety of clinical situations.

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