Marja Van Der Schilt

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My name is Marja van der Schilt. I live in Zaandijk with my husband. I am very proud to have two daughters and three grandchildren. I started my career as diagnostic radiographer and after some years I changed and did a study for orthopaedic bandagist. I started my own clinic and in this clinic I changed slowly into the TCM treatments. Now for nearly 30 years I have my own TCM practice where I work with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a new electro acupuncture diagnose/therapy machine Wegamed Vegatest expert and Vega medical check. I am also orthomolecular PNI therapist and I am studying for my PhD in Chinese herbs at the Nanjing University. For 6 years I was the vice president of the Dutch acupuncture association Zhong and I am the president of the umbrella organisation for the additional therapy the KAB in the Netherlands.

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