Helle Wengel

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Bio: I graduated as a nurse in 1988 working for 22 years in various areas such as the primary and secondary sectors, as well as working in hospices, health centres and for a pharmaceutical company. I specialised in pain and palliative care while working in a pain clinic. I graduated in 2008 as an acupuncturist and have since then been self-employed in my own clinic. I was a board member of Praktiserende Akupunktører, which is the oldest and largest Acupuncture Association in Denmark from April 2011 until July 2017. In this period I was the head of the school and educational committee. I was also the contact person for the ETCMA, Europe, as well as coordinating with the Nordic Acupuncture associations. My vision is to integrate the TCM approach into the Western health system in Denmark, and in this way offer the optimal treatment for the patients.

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