Gordana Petrovic

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Gordana Petrović MA BScTCM MAcS has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the School of Integrated Health specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture from the prestigious London University of Westminster. After finishing her degree, Gordana spent several years working as a Clinical Supervisor at the Student Polyclinic of Westminster University, combining her lecturing and clinical experience in her work with students and patients. Gordana set up her holistic health care business Acumedicare in 2008 in London, UK, in view of integrating the best practices of acupuncture, Food Energetics Nutrition and stress reduction through Mindfulness based techniques, as she is also a Mindfulness Master practitioner. Devoted promoter of benefits of integrated health care as the best option for every patient wanting to achieve their best health, Gordana is a Resident acupuncturist in Holistic Health Care Fertility program Alphazita in Greece, working with a team of conventional medicine specialists and other complementary medicines. Associate Acupuncturist of Embryoclinic in Thessaloniki, Greece. Gordana is also a resident acupuncturist at The Happy Birth Club, a popular London ante - natal group, working with team of doctors and practitioners in conventional and complementary medicines on best outcomes for our pregnant patients. Gordana has a regular blog about all things related to general and reproductive health, common sense medicine and working together for the benefit of every patient. Guest blogs for Doctify, My Fertility Specialist, and on a panel of complementary medicine experts for Happiful magazine. www.acumedicare.com www.alphazita.com www.acupuncture4you.wordpress.com e mail: [email protected] FB: www.facebook.com/gpacupunctureclinic Twitter: @acu4fertility Instagram: www.instagram.com/acumedicare

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