Amir Mekaiten

Amir Mekaiten is a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Master Tung Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine - Clinical Education Co-Founder. He started a special BA program back in 2008 that included 5 years of studies which 3 of them were in Kibutizm College (Tel-Aviv). then he continued for two more years in the University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chengdu, China. He's been living in Portugal since 2012, where he is running his own clinic, specializing in treatments of pain, sport injuries and many other systemic disorders such as infertility and gynecological issues. Furthermore, at the same time with his work, in order to deepen and develop his knowledge about the most effective and clinical techniques, he was attending numerous extracurricular training and was guided by highly recognized and international experts in the world of Chinese Medicine. At 2013, Amir and 3 colleagues have created a new organization that formed clinical formations with international experts in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Herbs and more. While meanwhile he's been giving various seminars on the subject of Practical and Clinical Acupuncture. In the long run, Amir is hoping that he can promote Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portugal. He is aiming for raising the level of education and the level of Clinical Acupuncture and as well for the raising of the confidence within the practitioners. Kind Regards, Amir Mekaiten Especialista em Medicina do Leste Asiático

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