Yves Giarmon

 Yves Giarmon

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Bio: 1952, married, three children
Physiotherapist PT (MK-DE 1975)
Practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (1978) - DNMTC
Osteopath DO (1986)

Yves is the President of the FNMTC (National Federation of TCM) (2013…) and the Co-president of the CFMTC (French Confederation of TCM).

Delegate Member representing France (2006… FNMTC then CFMTC) at the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) (Six years Member of the Executive Committee. 2009-2015)

His clinic is in Nice (F).

Member of the Board of the European and French Register of Sinergeticians (REFS) in charge of Ethics and Deontology.

He was graduated in TCM, Osteopathy and Homeopathy mainly in France and Switzerland.

Since 2007 he teaches TCM as head teacher at the College S.F.E.R.E. of Traditional Chinese Energetic (1987 ...) in Aix-en-Provence. He also teaches in Post-Graduate Energetic Osteopathy in different colleges of Osteopathy and also gives his lectures at the Institute of Osteopathic Medicine Faculty of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Co-organizer and lecturer for more than twenty national TCM congress.


“I defend always an energetic vision of Chinese Traditional Medicine, commonly called the French Style, linked to the decoding of Yi Jing. France imported Chinese sources of medicine since the 16th century. French Style is an approach which may seem complex, but its laws are perfectly coherent and up mostly efficient. They represent one of the great explanations of the foundations of the world, of nature, of astronomy, of physical and spiritual universe. The therapeutic action takes a qualitative dimension, an holistic vision, highly ecological. The practitioner uses acupuncture points very various, never with monotony. The French style works according to laws that allow the patient to review, not three times a week but once every three weeks. No more to be effective. For the French Style, every perception, each object, each subject, is part of a complex web of links, ways, of invisible, of events, of margins that open the world and not close it in a definite destiny.

The French Style is today in the margin. The margin, it is the white part, a door toward infinite. The margin of our dreams, of all possible; the margin, the white place, the silence, it is the breath of a text; it is a call for dialogue. Without margin, it is chaos.”


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