Unveiling the Secrets – Illuminating the Meaning of Acupuncture Points Names Bartosz Chemlinky

Unveiling the Secrets – Illuminating the Meaning of Acupuncture Points Names

Speaker: Dr. Bartosz Chemlinky MD

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017. 15:30-19:30

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture - Classics / Philosophy

This Lecture is suitable for practitioner of all levels

Abstract: Chinese language is pictorial – characters are not letters, they are used as symbols, referring to different associations, they allow coding various levels of information and facilitating the process of storing and using that information. Acupuncture points names use associations with wide range of Chinese culture aspects, such us mythology, religion, rituals, I Cing, alchemy, architecture, astronomy, geography and FengShui, music or literature. Understanding these associations helps in studying and remembering functions as well as clinical applications of points.

The seminar is an invitation for You to join amazing journey into wonderful and mysterious world of acupuncture points. Together we will explore different layers of meaning and cultural associations of acupuncture points names, improving their clinical usage.

All the information will be presented in an innovative way – showing the points as symbolic pictures, reflecting name, physiology and pathology of each point designed for people raised in Western culture. These pictures, similarly to Chinese characters, evoke chains of associations in mind making remembering the information about points much easier.

Learning Objectives: 

1.Participant will understand ancient Chinese science of symbols applied to acupuncture point names

2.Participant will get better understanding of physiology and pathology of various acupuncture points

3. Understanding of the symbols hidden in acupuncture point names will result in more conscious and precise usage of points in the clinic


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