Wu Shen – A Technology of Transformation Lorie Eve Dechar

Wu Shen – A Technology of Transformation

Speaker: Lorie Eve Dechar, M.Ac.

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017. 15:30-19:30

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture - Diagnostics - Classics / Philosophy

This Lecture is suitable for practitioner of all levels

Abstract: Wu Shen, the Five Spirits, make up the Taoist map of the human psyche. The system provides a mythical view of the nervous system and forms the basis of Chinese medical psychology. The Five Spirits also describe a precise and efficient technology for psycho-spiritual transformation. While this ancient system is recognized by scholars as an integral part of the cannon of Taoist and traditional Chinese medical literature, it is under-emphasized in standard TCM curriculum.

In this workshop, I will draw from translations of classical texts, etymological interpretations of ancient characters, close readings of Taoist alchemical treatises, and clinical examples from my practice of Alchemical Acupuncture in order to deepen our understanding of the Five Spirits and the unique insights they offer us about the true meaning of health.


Learning Objectives: 

  1. be introduced to the theory and understand the clinical value of the system of wu shen: the Five Spirits
  2. learn to recognize diagnostic indicators for shen diisturbances and specific strategies for each spirit
  3. learn basic therapeutic responses to specific shen disturbances including spirit points, essential oils and flower essences


  1. Lorie Eve Dechar, Five Spirits
  2. Claude Larre & Elizabeth de la Vallee, Rooted in Spirit
  3. C.G.Jung, Alchemical Studies, "Commentary on the Secret of the Golden Flower"


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