The Spirit of the Acupuncture Points

מרצה: ד"ר יאיר מיימון

שפה: אנגלית

תחום: דיקור

הרצאה זו מיועדת לכל הרמות

¨All proper needling first treats the spirit “(Su Wen chapter.25).
The Nei Jing is full of inspiring discussion of Qi Bo and the Yellow Emperor about the Shen.

The deep art of healing with acupuncture relays on the ability to create transformation on the level of the Shen. From an acupuncture prospective this means that treating on the spirit level and helping patients to transform suffering into growth, is the core of one’s practice. From this prospective unfolding the deep mystery of the Shen’s relationship to the mind is the essence of human growth.
Points names and location relates on the deep alchemy of heaven and earth, Jing and Shen and many acupuncture point reflects this dynamic.
Out of all the 361 points there are 12 points that traditionally contain the character shen and they make the group of “12 spirit point”: CV8 , GV6, CV15, Gb13, Kid23, Gb24, Bl59, GV11, Kid25, GV24, GV23, Ht7.
Studying these points and others deepen the understanding of the Shen and helps to gain a practical knowledge in how to utilizing these points in the clinical practice

The lecture will cover: special needle techniques; deep understanding of the points and how to use them clinically; treating shen disorders, such as insomnia, poor memory, heart pain and palpitations, depressive disorders and even epilepsy

Learning Objectives:

  1. deep understanding of shen acupuncture points and how to use them clinically;
  2. learning about the deep alchemy underlying the meridians
  3. gain practical knowledge to be able better to treat disorders like insomnia and depression


  1. the clinical practice of Chinese medicine by Lonny Jarrett . spirit path press
  2. the 12 spirit points of acupuncture by Dennis Willlmont , willmountain Press

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