Sylvia Agorander

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Dipl. Homiatriker, from NMF Education, 1985

Member of the board of SNS, SvenskaNaturmedicinskaSällskapet

Place of practice: Karlstad, Sweden

Own private clinic since 1997, starting out with classical acupuncture as main method of therapy, but also using homeopathy. Extensively taking post graduate courses since 2012. Now mainly working with focus in two directions: Shen acupuncture as learned from Dr.YairMaimon, and acupuncture for musculoskeletal structure in combination with Podo-Posturaltherapie (a proprioceptive treatment method for postural causes of symptoms).

My vision is to promote the use, skill level and acceptance of acupuncture/CM in Sweden, and to promote the introduction of Integrative Medicine in the Swedish health care system. The ICCM congress is a perfect tool for both aims, due to the high quality of the congress, the great extent of experience in the field of Integrative care at hospitals demonstrated in the hospital tour, and the warm welcoming setting in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv.

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