Seirin’s Electro Moxa Device

Seirin, the famous acupuncture needle company, released a new heat stimulation device Based on Moxa stimulation

  • The device has five temperature options: 43, 46, 49, 52 and 55℃
  • The device comes with a digital display.
  • Charged Battery and charger(works with 110V).
  • The tip of this device is made by ceramic and can be wiped clean with a cotton.
  • Size: W3.1 X D16.5 X H3.7 cm
  • Weight: 140g excluding an adapter.
  • Color: Black and White

The device is only available in Japan.

We, at the ICCM, have made it easier to order, through a local practitioner that speaks fluent English.​

The price is 86,400 JPY (which is about 2,730 INS)

For Orders: Please leave your details here and Mr. Toru Nakamura will contact you.

Please note that you are an ICCM Friend to get a free Shipping.

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