Randine Lewis PhD Four Day Retreat: Five Spirits Incarnating & the 8 Miraculous Vessels

Four Day Retreat: Five Spirits Incarnating & the 8 Miraculous Vessels

with Randine Lewis PhD

Dates: 26-29.11.2017

Location: Hila Fram, www.hilafarm.co.il

Price includes 3 nights accommodation & full vegetarian meals


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About the Workshop 

We all know Chinese medicine’s power in addressing reproductive health - balancing hormones, reducing endometrial inflammation, increasing ovarian blood flow, improving implantation rates, etc. As socially conditioned adults try to give life meaning, they easily fall prey to the seduction of “What’s missing?” and move outward - away from their center of power. This dynamic will never be satisfied. What’s missing is based upon and reinforces a state of incompletion, lack of inner resources, and an ongoing contractive dynamic of fear of unfulfilled desires. When this dynamic is reversed to “What’s here?” one encounters aspects where they have been out of alignment with themselves, and with life.

Our specialty also brings us face to face with some deeply challenging psycho-emotional issues - where physical issues seem to be rectified, but attempts to control whether or not life manifests bring up Shen disturbances that we might not feel equipped to address.

Yet, our medicine does address these issues; in fact, better than most psychotherapeutic approaches. In fact, this is where our real power lies. Here are the teachings that separate the technicians from what the classics referred to as “divine healers”. Deeply rooted in Shen, having been immersed in their own healing processes, they can touch the healing spirit of the patients. This is not merely exchanging passed down information, but discovering and transforming our own psycho-emotional patterns that might be similar to our patients.

The lectures will focus on each element’s emotional and spiritual energetic theme; moving from an intellectual understanding to inquiring within, where we experience these fundamental life issues physically. We will use inner nei gong and outer qi gong to move them through. The more we experience the subtler flows within ourselves, the more we can refine and strengthen our approaches with patients. And our practices can move from the effort of trying to manipulate the qi to allowing Shen to work through us. Where we may have felt ill-equipped to address patients' deeply troubled pasts or physical issues that seem insurmountable, we can expand our ability to penetrate the realm where true healing lies.

Part of this true healing involves a deep understanding of the Eight miraculous vessels..

The reason the second ancestry of the extraordinary meridians don’t have their own points is that they weren’t meant to be manipulated by another. They carried deep thematic landscapes that defined the inner meaning of ones life, which could not be accessed by another. These miraculous vessels hold one’s very blueprint - endowed by heaven - and unfold into the curriculum of their life story. Although only accessible from within, Chinese doctors used these meridians to help individuals access places where they were stuck in life. It is not surprising that when the themes carried within are out of accord, so are the brain, the endocrine, and reproductive systems.  We will work with the themes of each of these systems in the only way we can - within; and then we can mirror the wisdom to another. When conflicted issues that tangle the jing are transformed, an individual has new access to liberated jing.

Ren Mai - Inner Nourishment

Du Mai - Activity, Arousal, Passion

Chong Mai - The Blueprint

Dai Mai - Integrity or the Swamp of Latency

Qiao Mai - Issues that challenge our Self Esteem

Wei Mai - Weaving of External/Internal; Past/Future; Cyclic Changes

Expanding the wings of Chinese medicine to include its inner wisdom teachings can open up the divine healer’s intuition. Yet this is not an outward journey; it is within. We will spend four days together learning the dictates of Shen and uncovering where we might be misaligned to restore a deeper state of energetic awareness. The healer must manifest this level of healing in order to offer it to another.

We will begin our experiential process by journeying through the spirit of the five elements, as they relate to the inner dictates of the eight extraordinary meridians

 Day 1

Introduction of participants - setting intentions

Introduction to the process

Interactive lecture with self inquiry - journeying through the five elements

Meditative movement and body wisdom

Day 2

Understanding the dictates of the Five Shen through Heaven, Earth, and Humanity

Interactive lecture and movement

Dynamics of the First Ancestry

Day 3 

Dynamics of the Second Ancestry

Nine Heart Pains/Palaces

Feeling/using point energetics for realignment

Day 4

Consciously understanding and using the reservoirs

Meditative movement and body wisdom

Sharing practitioner insights


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