Oncology Day ICCM #10 2017

Oncology Day at ICCM #10, 2017

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017. 10:30-19:00

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture - Herbal Medicine - Scientific Research

This Lecture is suitable for practitioner of all levels

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10:30 Dr. Yair Maimon: Outstanding Proof of TCM in Cancer Care

11:30 Dr. Andrew Flower: Using Chinese Medicine During Seven Stages of Cancer Care

12:30 - Break

13:00 Dr. Gil Brazilay: Latest Research in TCM Oncology

13:45 Lunch Break

15:00 Eyal Shpringer: It takes a long way from Shennong to a current oncologic clinical practice. Integrating traditional Materia Medica in modern clinical setting

16:00 Nira Rabinovitch: Energetic Approach to Oncology

16:30 - Break

17:00 Sharon Bar Gil: Targeting the hallmarks of cancer with nutrition – From current research to your kitchen table

18:15 Conclusion

Outstanding Proof of TCM in Cancer Care 

Dr. Yair Maimon

There is a great opportunity for acupuncturist to understand and develop their skills in this new emerging field of oncology acupuncture (OA). The knowledge which will be presented in the lecture will both widen the skills of Chinese medicine in OA and can also be applied in the treatment of immune system and prevention of disease.

OA is one of the areas of Chinese medicine when an ample of research had been carried out over the last years. Getting to know the research results and protocols will enable TCM practitioners to communicate better with the western medical community and the oncologist.

There is so much we can do to relieve the suffering of cancer patients and this course is aimed at giving practical tools to start treating oncology patients at different stages of the disease.

Research: There has been Recent Advances in research of AO, leading to may publications of clinical trials with strong evidence to support the use of acupuncture for cancer patients.


Using Chinese Medicine During Seven Stages of Cancer Care

Dr. Andrew Flower

In clinic we encounter 7 distinct stages when providing supportive treatment for people with cancer. These are: post diagnosis; pre Western medical (WM) treatment (surgery/chemo/radiotherapy); during (WM) treatment; post (WM) treatment; maintaining recovery; treating people with progressive cancer; and palliative care. In all of these stages Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs, qi gong and lifestyle advice) has something of value to provide, but our care programme has to be tailor made to take into account appropriate treatment objectives and the nature of the individual we are dealing with. This lecture will discuss various strategies that may be used in these different stages and will consider the challenges and opportunities that confront a Chinese medicine practitioner and their patient along the way.

Latest Research in TCM Oncology

Dr. Gil Barzilay

The role of Chinese Medicine as part of the integrative approach to treating cancer is quite known and accepted. Over the last 15 years, more and higher quality research has emerged on acupuncture and herbal medicine usage in either treating cancer directly or as palliative care to conventional medicine. During my presentation, I will be reviewing a number of up-to-date research in the field that will enrich our knowledge of experience in treating this disease.

It takes a long way from Shennong to a current oncologic clinical practice. Integrating traditional Materia Medica in modern clinical setting

Eyal Shpringer

 A promise for an effective treatment lies within the pages of Chinese medical texts like the Shennong Bencao Jing. Different food items and herbs are suggested for the treatment of tumors, boils and non-healing sores as well as for symptoms associated with current cancer medical treatment.

Despite the appealing content of traditional Chinese Materia Medicas, Implementation of this knowledge carries some inter and intra disciplinary challenges that should be rectified.

The lecture will discuss these challenges and identify a ‘blind spot' in current oncologic nutritional practice enabling the use of traditional knowledge. The lecture will present a pragmatic approach, integrating information extracted from traditional medical texts and existing evidence-based knowledge.

Energetic approach to Oncology, Medical Qi Gong

Nira Rabinovitch

In many hospitals, in Israel and around the world, Qigong is being practiced to support the healing process of cancer patients and relieve them of the side effects of the treatments being used. How does it work ? What is Healing Qigong? How to harness the patient to take an active role in their healing process? Participants will go through an experiential lecture and practice what has been researched in China by Dr. Pang Ming in Healing Center Hua Xia Zhi Neng where thousands of people are treated by Qigong alone.

Targeting the hallmarks of cancer with nutrition – From current research to your kitchen table

Sharon Bar Gil

How can we utilize nutrition to target known cancer mechanisms- an integrative approach

Current oncology is constantly evolving and moves towards personalized treatments. But core problems such as treatment toxicity, disease relapse and extremely high treatment costs are still a major concern.

Knowing the main cancer mechanisms and how to target them with nutrition may provide a safe, inexpensive & safe tool that can synergize with current conventional treatments.

This presentation will discuss how nutrition can be utilized to target cancer mechanisms such as: genetic instability, inflammation, apoptosis, angiogenesis & metastasis. And will translate current research into practical tools that can be implemented in your daily nutrition.




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