Neuropuncture Introduction: A Neuroscience Acupuncture System

מרצה: מייקל קוראדינו, DAOM, MSTOM, L.Ac

שפה: אנגלית

מתי: ICCM Congress 2018

תחום: דיקור - אבחנה - מחקר 

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This will be an introduction into the Neuropuncture acupuncture system created by Dr Michael Corradino. Neuropuncture is a complete neuroscience acupuncture system that was developed by examining and incorporating the research of the neurophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture, combining research of electrical acupuncture’s effects on specific neural receptors and neuro-tissue, and integrating this with the holistic traditional TCM model.

Neuropuncture develops your credibility and your communication skills. TCM practitioners should be able to articulate the neurophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture to patients and MD’s and other health care practitioners, while reserving our “practitioner language” for our TCM colleagues.

Neuropuncture treatment protocols are evidence based and clinically reproducible. Applying western medical sciences to the classical TCM module does not subtract from the efficacy of acupuncture it only amplifies and further explains the unique neuromodulating effects that can be harnessed by Neuropuncture’s techniques. From polarizing, depolarizing, or hyper-polarizing pathological nerves, to targeting specific receptors for the release of specific neuropeptides, to regulating dysfunctional autonomic reflexes for improved visceral function and reducing pain signals, Neuropuncture is the only complete neuroscience acupuncture system. This will be an introduction to this very special acupuncture system.

link pdf here

Learning Objectives:

  1. History of TCM and scientific relevance.
  2. Research, past, and present.
  3. Review the Neuropuncture Trinity
  4. Case Study


  1. Neuropuncture 2nd edition
  2. Anatomical acupuncture: Dr Chang Suh
  3. The Tao of Chinese Medicine: Kendal


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