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previously known as Pro D Seminars is dedicating to being the leader in providing quality online continuing education for health care providers. Pro D Seminars provides workshops, courses, and online seminars that foster practitioners’ commitment to life-long learning and development. The deeper your knowledge, the stronger your confidence, the greater your success.

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ה-ICCM, בשיתוף עם Healthy Seminars מאפשרים לכם גישה למיטב מן הרצאות העבר שלנו, ללמידה מהבית בזמן שלכם.

Aaron Zizov - The Five Shen in Ba-Zi Astrology & Tongue Diagnosis  

Lorie Dechar - Wu Shen – A Technology of Transformation

Rani Ayal: Nine Continents Theory – Diagnosis Techniques and Therapeutic Protocols to Strengthen the Jing  

Rodrigo Aranda: Physiology and Clinical Applications of the San Jiao (Triple Burner) 

Sharon Weizenbaum - Metabolic Syndrome, Blood and Chinese Medicine 

Sharon Weizenbaum - Understanding Shang Han Lun Physiology for Clinical Ease and Accuracy 

Yair Maimon: The Extraordinary: What Makes Them Extraordinary? Clinical Applications of the Chong Mai 

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