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We are happy to publish the first issue of the ICCM journal, focusing on anxiety. We chose this topic mainly due to our close acquaintance with it in our society and its relevance to our everyday life. Chinese medicine has a lot to offer in treating anxiety and we have tried to reflect this in the articles of the journal: Heiner Fruehauf, one of the leading scholars in the field, has written about his perspective of anxiety and added some of the different herb formulas he uses for treatment, Bartosz Chmielnicki and Avihai Wolczak have written on Ht7 – the acupuncture point mostly identified with treating anxiety. Yael Sasslov focuses on anxiety in women. The author Asaf Zippor has written a one-page excerpt from the diary of an anxious patient, which gives us some idea of how such a patient feels in his everyday life and Keren Assouline and Adi Gerlitz wrote about the activity of "Acupuncturists without borders" related to anxiety. We also added an article reviewing a recent scientific paper that investigates the molecular mechanism of the action of Ht-7.

We wish you a pleasant reading and hope you will find these articles of value. We will be happy to receive your feedback and will implement it in our next issues. Please send your comments and ideas to
Shiraz Kalir
Editor of ICCM Journal

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