To the Point A Journey Into Acupuncture Points

21/06/2018 – 23/06/2018 all-day

The seminar is an invitation for You to join amazing journey into wonderful and mysterious world of acupuncture points.

Full year course over 4 weekends | Guest Speakers: Rani Ayal, Dr. Yair Maimon


21-23 June 2018 | 30Aug-1 Sept. | 6-8 Dec 2018 | 2-4 April 2019 (ICCM Congress #12)


  • the project uses visual memory to facilitate understanding and remembering
  • it is similar to Chinese language – uses symbols to code multidimensional information
  • different translations are used to widely describe point’s functions
  • all described indications and functions are clinically relevant
  • knowledge and experience from different schools, including Stems and Branches school is presented.




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